Safety on board

Safety on board

Passengers with specific needs:

For your information, the Company suggests that you consult the safety instructions before your trip, which are also available on board during your crossing.

  • Disabled passengers:

Anyone who uses wheelchairs or suffers from one or more of the following impairments: physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, mental or psychological impairments. Specific seats are available on board that can accommodate people traveling in wheelchairs or with hearing impairments.

  • People with delayed growth (dwarfism).
  • Pregnant women:

Pregnant women can take a sea voyage up to 7 months of pregnancy. It is mandatory to inform the Company of this at the time of booking. We advise pregnant women and sick people requiring special medical treatment to seek medical advice before travelling.

  • Elderly people:

Everyone aged over 75.

  • People with walking difficulties:

Anyone who cannot walk unaided, climb the gangway or travel long distances.

  • People travelling with a child under 4.
  • Unaccompanied children under 12.

A wheelchair on board is available for anyone who has difficulty moving around.

Please inform us of your specific needs when booking your tickets by indicating the type of assistance you require. If you have forgotten to report your specific needs when making your reservation, you will have to indicate this at the last minute counter. We will guide you from boarding to disembarkation.

Our team on board and in the agency is at your entire disposal for more information.