Only one piece of check-in and carry-on luggage is allowed per passenger (adults and children only) and one additional piece of check-in luggage of 6kg per infant.

On the day of departure, excess luggage is accepted and charged at 250F / kg. You can also bring an extra 15kg of luggage for 2,500 F by booking online at the same time as your tickets. However, we recommend that you hand in your excess and additional baggage directly to the cargo department the day before departure, in order to benefit from a lower rate. For safety reasons, the maximum weight allowed per piece of luggage is 25kg.

Hand luggage

These are bags, suitcases, boxes, small coolers:

  • The dimensions must not exceed : 30*40*50 cm,
  • A maximum weight of 6kg.

During the journey, passengers are fully responsible for their luggage, which shall remain in their sole custody.


Passengers are advised not to place any money or valuables in their luggage, as the Company declines all responsibility in the event of loss, disappearance or theft.

Checked-in luggage

These include the bags and suitcases given to staff at check-in:

  • The dimensions must not exceed 80*50*40 cm.
  • For a maximum weight of 15kg for adults (13 years old and over) and 10kg for children (between 4 and 13 years old).
  • An additional piece of luggage under 6kg is allowed for infants.

Please note that if you have purchased your tickets at the ZEN rate, you are entitled to 10kg of extra luggage weight, per adult and per child. However, only one piece of luggage per person is allowed. In other words, your only checked in baggage can be up to 25kg per bag (adult) and 20kg per bag (child). There is no additional luggage allowance beyond the 6kg limit for infants.