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What does "Betico" mean?

The name is deliberately meaningful : In Nengone ( the language of Maré ) “BETI” means “Island” and “CO” means “That moves forward”.

The BETICO2 is in some sorts, our “Island that moves forward”.


For 15 years, the Vessel BETICO 2 has provided maritime links between Noumea, the Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines, but also inter-island, between Maré and Lifou.


The ship can accommodate up to 355 passengers.


The crew members are originally from New Caledonia, the Isle of Pines or the Loyalty Islands and are always happy to answer your questions and give you advice on your stay. 


You are free to travel in any of the ship’s available lounges on the main or upper deck. Depending on the weather conditions and excluding manoeuvring operations, you can request a visit to the footbridge during the crossing.

The outdoor terrace

The outdoor terrace is open to all our travellers. It is located on the upper deck at the back of the ship. From this terrace you can enjoy the landscape and the sea air!


From mid-July to mid-September, you may have the chance to spot some whales who come to Caledonian waters to rest.

During the crossing, the ship passes by small islands and many remarkable spots. The most famous are: the well-known bays of Noumea, the narrow channel of Woodin, the fall of Cape N’Dua and the Havannah pass through which the first explorers and ships arrived in New Caledonia. 


Enjoy the turquoise waters of the lagoon, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage. You will feel like you are on a cruise, a journey within a journey! 


This is also a great place to meet new people. Many of our passengers are island residents, known for their sense of sharing and friendliness.

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