The Ship may also carry cargo, i.e. various materials, cold products, cars, etc.

Subject to availability, goods considered as cargo can be sent to Noumea or the Islands. For further details, contact the freight department at any BETICO branch. Please note that your cargo must be handed in the day before departure.

For reasons of safety and hygiene, the following are considered to be cargo:

  • Coolers, boxes, trunks and cartons larger than: 60*40*40 cm and/or weighing more than 25 kg;
  • Foodstuffs (yams, rice, meat, chicken, etc.), transported in and out of coolers;
  • Vegetation (plants, flowers, etc.);
  • Pets within the limits set out in the following paragraph;
  • All vehicles (including bicycles and motorbikes).

We remind you that cargo is strictly forbidden on the day of departure. You must make arrangements directly with our agencies no later than the day before departure.


For safety reasons, dangerous goods are not permitted on board. If in doubt, please ask the cargo agents.

Any concealment or false declaration of prohibited goods will render the owner liable. During busy periods (school holidays, weddings, events and special schedules), it is rarely possible to send cargo to the Islands and goods considered as cargo will not be accepted on the day of departure.

For further information, contact us via e-mail at :
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