«The BETICO is much more than a means of transport. It builds ties between the islands and the mainland.»


A symbolic motto for the BETICO teams, who accompany their passengers between Nouméa and the Islands.


For several years now, our Compagny has been making its premises available, in particular its Island Ferry Terminal in Nouméa, to the committees and associations that coordinate the farmers' markets on the islands.


A place of meaning and unity, the BETICO Island Ferry Terminal unites the people of Nouméa and the Islands. The exhibitors feel at home here and feel at ease. The richness, values, flavours, atmosphere and local produce of the Islands are all there.


As soon as it arrives, the BETICO docks directly on the ferry quays, in the heart of Nouméa city centre. Exhibitors simply have to get off the ship with their goods and are already on site. Producers, exhibitors, committees and their managers all get busy once they arrive!


After harvesting the produce, it's time for management and logistics: administration, repatriation of goods, moving exhibitors, setting up stands, unloading goods and, very often, a few hours before the market...A few minutes before the market opens, "everyone to their posts"! The exhibitors are ready to welcome you.


As if by magic, the Island Ferry Terminal is transformed, inside and out: beautifully decorated stalls stocked with freshly grown produce to delight your eyes, your senses and your taste buds... And don't forget the festive atmosphere, with cultural and traditional events, songs, dances, weaving workshops - EVERYTHING is there to make you feel ... in the Islands, without leaving Nouméa!


Come and take your time, enjoy the market with friends or family!

As soon as you arrive at the Island Ferry Terminal you'll immediately feel the warmth of the Islands. The producers are ready to welcome you to their stands and explain in detail and with pride the fruits of their labours.


There's sure to be plenty to talk about, and now's the time to talk cooking! The questions and thoughts keep coming back ... "How do you cook yam? What is this product? "How good is this honey? "I know that flavour, mmmmmm what a treat! You're sure to remember a trip to the Islands. Isn't it time you went back?


The children are grown up now, so it's time to let them discover this little piece of paradise... Don't forget your shopping bag to stock up at the market!


Each year, the committees put together a full programme of entertainment for you to enjoy: dancing, singing, weaving workshops, culinary tastings and much more. You'll be able to taste the magic of the Islands!


Farmers' market, entertainment and flavour discovery... Mums will be cooking up traditional dishes that you're not used to eating: marmite bread, bougnas, fish kebabs, grated manioc and coconuts wrapped in coconut leaves and much more...


Settle in and stay put, enjoying the entertainment and savouring the goodies. 

In total immersion, you'll enjoy the warmth of the Islands to the full.

More information

If you can't make it to the Islands, the Islands will come to you!



For your convenience, there's a cash dispenser inside the Island Ferry Terminal and a car park near the ferry docks or on the other side, between the Museum and the Island Ferry Terminal.



Dates of the next BETICO markets: 


  • Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of November 2024: Nengone edition (Maré),
  • Saturday 21st et Sunday 22nd of December 2024: Drehu edition (Lifou).