Go to the Isle  of Pines and enjoy the events there!


The OFK association, which organises the Kwenyii festivities or Fêtes de Kwenyii, has a number of dates on offer this year and invites you to take part in their events. Trips are therefore proposed to coincide with these festivities.

4 dates in 2024

  • Land snails and Yam Festival: 06 and 07 april 2024 

=> Day trips Saturday 06 and Sunday 07 april: you can travel there and back during the day, on one of the 2 days or over the weekend, departing on Saturday and returning on Sunday.


  • Festival of Art and Music: 08 and 09 july 2024

=> Day trip on Saturday June 08: you can travel there and back during the day. You can also leave on Saturday morning and return on Sunday evening.

=> Sunday June 09 will be the famous Groupama Race. The ship will be present to watch the race and will arrive on the Ile des Pins at 3:30pm. You can then return to Noumea with the Sunday journey at 5pm if you're spending the weekend there, for example.


  • The big market on the Isle of Pines: 21 and 22 September 2024

=> departure on Saturday 21 - return on Sunday 22 September: the ship will dock on Saturday evening at the Isle of Pines. You will leave on Saturday morning and return on Sunday evening.


  • Festival of the sea and pirogue [outrigger canoe]: 30 November and 1st of December 2024

=> day trips Saturday November 30 and Sunday December 01 : you can go on a round trip during the day, on one of the 2 days or over the weekend, departing on Saturday and returning on Sunday.


Many good plans

Many good plans are offered in this occasion:

  •  A shuttle service available as soon as you arrive at the quay;
  •  Free transport of your cooler on the outward journey with BETICO;
  • 10 kg of cargo free on the return journey to fill up at the market!
  •  On-site security service ;
  •  Free admission to the site;
  • A full programme tailored to the event: culinary competitions, tastings, traditional dances and songs, weaving workshops, fashion shows and much more.
  •  Outrigger canoe tours.

Come and taste the specialities, discover the island’s traditions and culture! It’s also the occasion to discover the Isle of Pines in another way.

Please note that pirogue/ outrigger canoe tours and the shuttle service are not free and the organisers will need payment on the spot. After the event the rates vary and can be seen on BETICO’s Facebook page.

Practical information:

  • Take your cool box the day before directly to the Cargo department (before  3pm on Friday for a Saturday departure or before 11am on Saturday morning for a Sunday departure).
  • One cooler per adult.
  • On presentation of the BETICO return or day trip ticket, according to the date corresponding to the event. The electronic version is authorised.
  • All snail-tasting must be done on site. It is strictly prohibited to import them into Noumea.
  • Depending on BETICO'S schedules, you will be able to make a round trip during the day. Shuttle times between the quay and the event site are adapted depending on the boat's departure and arrival times. The shuttle will be waiting for you in front of the quay as soon as you arrive and will take you back at your scheduled return time.
  • Your coolers will be weighed on site before taking the shuttle. The 10kg offered will be taken into account. If your cooler weighs over 10 kg, you will need to pay for the excess weight. Once weighed your coolers will be brought back to the BETICO quay by the organisers. The crew will load them directly on board and you will be able to collect them as soon as you arrive in Noumea.

These events are organised by the "OFK" Association Organisatrice des Fêtes de Kwenyii in partnership with BETICO, the South Province and the Commune of Isle of Pines.