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Good news: we’ve released our schedules until August 2024! You can now reserve your tickets in advance, online or through the agency directly.

Periods and events

Periods :


BETICO adjusts its calendar according to periods of high and low season. High season corresponds with school holiday periods, in accordance with the New Caledonian calendar, as well as long weekends linked to public holidays. During this period, a greater number of trips are expected due to high demand. You will therefore have the option of heading for the islands or Nouméa for as long as you like, depending on your preferences and your budget.

For more information on travelling to Isle of Pines or on trips to Lifou or Mare visit the pages of our site. Please note: prices vary depending on the period.



Events :


BETICO forms partnerships with key events in New Caledonia, whether in Nouméa or on the islands. Through direct contact with the organisers, our sales department strives to plan a calendar that corresponds to the dates of these events, establishing a close connection between the islands and Nouméa. This offers you a unique opportunity to participate in these events and discover our destinations in a different way.

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Calendrier des saisons

Seasonal calendar :


To do this, discover our seasonal calendar, revealing the dates of upcoming events!

Whether it's the BETICO markets in Nouméa, local festivities on the Isle of Pines and the islands, periods of high and low season, vessel immobilisation periods such as annual maintenance... It's all there!

Everything you need – at your fingertips! All you have to do is download the calendar and choose your preferred event.



More information on the dates and times ?


If you would like more information on the dates and times, please visit our page dedicated to schedules and timings. Here, it’s easy to map out your plan.

Upon visiting the page, you’ll have the option to choose your route, explore the calendar to find available dates, view departure and arrival times at your destination, as well as check the availability of seating in real-time.

We strongly recommend trying out this tool, as it will give you a complete overview for planning your trip. Give it a try– you’ll see how easy it is to use!

Further information

Do you have a special request to modify or add a trip?


If you would like to modify or schedule a special trip, please complete the form available here to obtain all the necessary information. The sales department will study your request with the utmost attention and get back to you as soon as possible.



Stay tuned!


Whether it's on the "News" page of the website or on our Facebook page, we'll keep you up to date with all the events and special offers you won't want to miss.

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