Located in the very south of the island, in the Eni tribe, you will discover the CHEZ DOM gîte. The gîte consists of 4 traditional huts that can accommodate up to 8 people, plus a camping area for up to 4 tents. Not far from the gîte, a mere a 10-minute walk away, you'll find the magnificent Eni Beach, a little jewel within easy reach on foot.



  • A hut for 10 people equipped with mattresses;
  • A hut for 6 people equipped with mattresses;
  • A hut for 5 people equipped with mattresses;
  • A hut for 3 people equipped with mattresses.


Services : 

Access to internet connection. 


Equipment : 

The accommodation has a shared courtyard and a car park.


Offer for BETICO clients:

Only one breakfast will be offered per person during the stay, depending on the number of BETICO tickets presented. 

The traditional breakfast includes a hot drink, a cake, a slice of pie or a homemade pastry of the day and seasonal fruit. The value of the breakfast is 1,000 F.


Conditions of the offer:

This offer will be eligible on presentation of a Betico ticket regardless of the type of journey: one-way outward or return; or round trip) whereby the period of travel corresponds to the period of stay, only people presenting a ticket will be able to benefit from the offer.

  • Means of payment: by cheque and cash;
  • Payment can be made in full on site;
  • Reservation period: all year long depending on availability;
  • Reservations can be changed up to 24 hours in advance;
  • You must stay at “Chez Dom” to benefit from the offer for the duration of your stay.
  • Only one breakfast will be offered per person, depending on the number of tickets presented.


Contact details for reservation : 

By telephone on 90.10.02 or via email