KAKAÏ snack bar | BETICO

KAKAÏ snack bar

The KAKAÏ snack bar is happy to serve you aboard the BETICO. This snack bar is open to all passengers and offers a wide range of products.

See you on the ship's main deck!

Throughout the entire crossing, the snack bar serves sweet and savoury dishes, cold and hot drinks and snack deals (breakfast or meal). A treat for the whole family. You can also buy BETICO T-shirts as well as other accessories (flip-flops, caps, etc.) and magazine packs to entertain both children and adults! 

Depending on the fresh produce available, our team will be happy to serve you sandwiches, drinks or snacks. See you at the snack bar to discover the fresh food menu! For a picnic at sea or a delicious snack, passengers can sit outside and enjoy the crossing on the ship's deck. 

All meals are prepared on the ship! Paninis, ham croissants, sandwiches and toasted sandwiches  are made by our staff before you arrive on board.  

Be like Astro, Betico's mascot, and treat yourself on board the ship!