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Ouvéa - Iaaï in the local language - is one of the most beautiful atolls in the Pacific, with its white sandy beach stretching for 25 km, bordered by clear, luminous water in varying shades. The island is 35km long and less than 40 metres wide in places, with a total surface area of 132km². A single road runs from north to south along the endless coconut tree lined beach at the edge of the lagoon and the deep blue Pacific. The water of the lagoon displays exceptional transparency and serves as a mirror for the majestic cliffs of Lékiny. Ouvéa Island is a tilted atoll, partly submerged, whose lagoon is not full like Lifou or Maré, but closed to the north and south by a series of reefs and small islands, the Pleiades. The Ouvéa atoll and the Beautemps-Beaupré islands are one of the six areas of the New Caledonian lagoon listed as World Heritage Sites since July 2008.

Activities not to be missed:

  • Church of Mouli - Mouli tribal village

Service free of charge

You are at the southernmost point of the island. Nestled on a small promontory, bordered by a majestic avenue of columnar pines, the church of Mouli overlooks the lagoon. On days of worship, the women dress in colourful and shimmering outfits, and the songs echo is the arches, creating an additional appeal to this place of wisdom. You can visit the church at any time, access is free and you can always find a kind soul to tell you about the history of this building. 

  • Church of St Michel - Fayaoue tribal village

Service free of charge

It is a church that looks like a medieval castle, with its pristine white façade, red roof, yellow vaults and green stairs. The church stands in front of the sea and offers an excellent setting for photos between stone and sea. Entry is free. 

  • The soap and oil factory - Wadrilla tribal village

Service free of charge

Since 1991, Ouvéa has started to produce copra oil, extracted from coconuts. After crushing and pressing, the nuts are transformed into oil, which is used both as a biofuel by the island's power plant and as a raw material for making soap. For a better understanding of this small local industry, the soap factory offers free tours and sells products on site.  

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