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Pristine beaches, steep cliffs, deep forests, vast caves...
The variety of Lifou's landscapes - Drehu in the local language - is embodied by the outgoing and enterprising nature of its inhabitants. They are happy to welcome visitors and share their rich traditions and history. Discovering the spirit of the Loyalty Islands begins in Lifou...

Lifou, Drehu in the local language, is the largest island in the Loyalty Islands. It covers 1150 km2, which is equivalent to the size of Martinique.

The diversity of natural sites provides an even greater incentive to explore than on other islands. The coastline, cut by long, deep bays, gracefully combines long white sandy beaches, cliffs cut into the ancient reef and magically coloured coral beds. The inland of the island, a vast plain built on the ancient lagoon, is covered with dense tropical forests ideal for hiking.

10,000 inhabitants live on this island divided into 3 traditional districts: Wetr, Lösi and Gaïca. The liveliness of traditions and customs is palpable, both during the great traditional festivals and in every day life, such as agriculture or the construction of huts. Wé, the capital of the Loyalty Islands, is the biggest urban area. Ideally located on the edge of Chateaubriand Bay, it is home to the island's main administrative and commercial infrastructures.

Activities not to be missed:

  • The Devil's Caves: a place of worship, ritual and refuge. The caves are considered to be mythical burial places. 
  • Santal Bay: is located in the northwest of the island and is home to extraordinary diving sites such as Gorgonian Reef, Shoji and Tomoko.
  • Jokin: this is a prestigious place, a genuine little haven made up of majestic cliffs, magnificent beaches with a great diversity of animal and plant species. 
  • Luengoni Beach: in front of this sublime beach is a coral patch, which has become a prime turtle habitat. It is the ideal spot for deep-sea diving. There is a 30 metre deep underwater cave. 
  • Jinek Aquarium: where you can admire the Great Barrier Reef.
  • The local market : The town market of Wé on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6am to 11am

We recommend that you:

  • Take a hike along the legendary Ejengen Trail.
  • Take a walk across the island to discover the subsoil, which is dotted with many water-filled holes.
  • Explore the largest cave on the island, Hnanawae Cave.
  • Go diving in Jinek Bay and other spots.
  • Visit a vanilla plantation.

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