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There are many advantages to travelling with BETICO. Bring your mat, bike, tent or a small cooler for FREE! Good news: BETICO is updating and simplifying the booking process and your pre-travel formalities!

You can now register your bike online for free, when you book your tickets. It is no longer necessary to contact the Cargo department or come to the dock the day before departure, very practical! You can select the desired additional services online in the "Travel Information" section.

Go here, in "Miscellaneous equipment", you indicate the number of bike(s) and/or tent(s) once you have selected the number of ticket(s) per class and per age category. For example, if there are 2 travellers, you are entitled to free transport of 2 bicycles!  Please note that the transport of your bike is free of charge only if it belongs to you!

If you forgot to indicate this when booking your tickets, please email us at and specify your reservation number.

Just like your tickets, you will receive a booking voucher by email once your booking has been confirmed. On the day of departure, you can drop off your equipment by presenting your booking voucher:

  • At the Noumea Cargo department, 1 hour before departure.
  • On the quay at the Isles, 2 hours before departure.

Are you going to Isle of Pines for the day? You don’t have any check-in luggage? Here’s a little BETICO trick! 

Leave with your small cooler, not exceeding 30 X 40 X 50 cm and you can use this as your 15kg of checked in luggage. Please note that if the weight exceeds the permitted 15kg, an additional fee per kilo will be charged on the day of departure. For safety reasons, the weight per piece of luggage or per cooler must not exceed 25 kg. Above the permitted weight and dimensions, the goods will be considered as Cargo.

Did you know that it is now possible to book your snack deal online, when booking your tickets!? On top of that, you get 10% off by ordering in advance.

  • 800 F inc. VAT* / Breakfast deal, with a fruit juice, hot drink and a pastry;
  • 1,100 F inc. VAT* / Meal deal including a sandwich or panini, a cold drink, a coffee or an ice cream.

Not only is it cheaper, it is also more practical:

  • Buy  your snacks at the same time as your tickets;
  • On the day: you are guaranteed to get your meal deals when you arrive on board. They will be ready to be picked up at the snack bar!

Please note that the sandwiches and paninis are prepared by our catering team on the day. The products are of high quality and fresh. For example, the pastries are provided by the bakery "Les petits choux"! 

Will you opt for the breakfast or lunch deal?

To find out more, check out the Kakai menu now!

*discount included.

See you soon at the Kakai snack bar!